Ready to break up with dry skin and fall in love with your new skincare routine?


I know we already quizzed you, but just to make sure, let's go over some of the simple lifestyle habits that cause dry skin


You experience dry skin because...

- You take hot showers or baths

- You're exposed to chemicals in items such as soaps or detergents

- You live in a location that experiences moderate to high levels of pollution

- In true 2020 fashion, you're stressed (sis, so are we)

- Finally, that's just your skin type



The lookalike cake frosting may appeal to your appetite, but make no mistake -- its deliciousness is for the skin. And it’s no secret why this ultra-moisturizing cream is perfect for treating dry skin.

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All Cream


 Gently works to soften, hydrate, and soothe your most dried areas.


Forms a protective barrier that seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration


Nourishes the body with natural vitamins, leaving you velvety-soft


Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce dryness and heal wounds.

Finally, get rid of dry skin 

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My Hero


  • Already satisfied with your current routine? 

  • Go ahead and grab your Hero to add to your routine with the products you already own

  • Best used as a nightly moisturizer

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The Essentials


  • Want to get a few products to add to your routine in addition to your Hero?

  • The Essentials set is perfect for you! 

  • Five products curated to adequately moisturize your skin and combat dryness

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The Full Routine


  • Ready for a completely revamped routine? 

  • We have curated a set of all the products needed for your morning and night routine. 

  • Selected to moisturize for optimal skin health.