Ready to break up with dull skin and fall in love with your new skincare routine?


I know we already quizzed you, but just to make sure, let's go over some of the simple lifestyle habits that cause dull skin

You experience dull skin because...

- You have a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin

- Your sun exposure

- You live in an area with a high concentration of pollution

- In true 2020 fashion, you're stressed (sis, so are we)

- Finally, that's just your skin type



Designed to pamper you like the Queen you are, this beauty mask includes powerful ingredients aimed at reversing dull skin and revealing a radiant glow.

CLEOPATRA Resurfacing Beauty Mask


Minimize pores and blackheads, promoting a radiant complexion 



Gently exfoliates to remove dead and skin cells


Bursting with Vitamin C and E as well as selium, calcium, and magneisuim


Revitalizes your skin to improve tone and texture

Finally, get rid of dull skin

Getting rid of dull skin has never been simpler. Pick the routine that best suits you and get $$$ off with special code QUIZ15


My Hero


  • Already satisfied with your current routine? 

  • Go ahead and grab your Hero to add to your routine with the products you already own

  • Use 2-3x per week during your night time facial routine

The Essentials


  • Want to get a few products to add to your routine in addition to your Hero?

  • The Essentials set is perfect for you! 

  • Three products curated to adequately treat your skin and give you a radiant glow

The Full Routine


  • Ready for a completely revamped routine? 

  • We have curated a set of all the products needed for your morning and night routine. 

  • Selected to tone and treat for optimal skin health.

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